Digital Dashboards Defined, Decoded, and Demystified

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How did dashboard technology come to be?

Digital Dashboards Defined, Decoded, and Demystified

Digital display technology started to evolve in the 1970s in the defense and aerospace industries. The impetus was the need for new technologies to manage an exponential increase in operational information being presented to aircrew as the result of emerging digital subsystems. Among the leading development laboratories were NASA, the USAF (especially Wright Aeronautical Laboratory), the Navy (especially the Naval Air Development Center), and various aircraft manufacturers.

This technology initiative emerged in the business world in the post-Internet era of the late1980s with technologies like the digital dashboard. Dashboards provide efficiently formatted displays of an enterprise's state using clever metrics and performance indicators. The underlying data, culled by BI software techniques, is transformed and presented in "at-a-glance" views that provide decision support aids, such as warnings, alerts, opportunity sweet spots or status summaries.

Be the operations reporting pilot of your company and use this aviation display technique to fly to performance management success.



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