Integrated BI Software And Data Access

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What characterizes good data access?

Integrated BI Software And Data Access

One business intelligence vendor has characterized data access as potentially fragmented when viewed in a systems context. This is especially evident when tracking transactions across many functional business areas. The vendor goes on to point out that their system, Cognos 8, offers a powerful array of access hooks that may be useful to potential buyers of BI reporting software. They are:

ETL – Extract, Transform, Load – Integrates data from multiple sources to a common repository location.

EII – Enterprise Information Integration – connects to multiple disparate data sources in near real-time.

Direct Access – If your organization has some rudimentary level of BI with some tools in place, this capability can provide seamless access.

Common Metadata – Structures data regardless of source and format into a common foundation using rules, calculation, and filter technologies.



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