Deploying Reporting Software

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Are there any ways to ease the difficulty of deploying reporting software?

Deploying Reporting Software

Deploying reporting or any other type of business intelligence software capability is a complex and difficult process that is often hard to standardize. Help in accomplishing this capability may come from a concept pioneered by the BI developer, Cognos. It is called the BI Competency Center and is based on three suppositions:

The deployment must connect to senior management, users, and vendors.

There must be adequate financial support from the CEO and CFO levels.

Appropriate staffing must be provided by the CIO function.

In order for the deployment to be successful and lead to financial and performance gains, the following observations apply:

The business reporting software must be used at every level of management.

The functional business areas served must be data driven (retail, multi-site, or vertically integrated manufacturing are examples.)

The functional engine must be provided from within the IT department.

Corporate executives must be the ultimate users.



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