HR BI/IT And Manners In Business

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Can’t my company’s IT system automatically respond to job applicants?

HR BI/IT And Manners In Business

One important function within the HR functional business area is the process associated with the hiring of potential employees for the organization. This area has been the point of an emerging trend in business practices to use job boards and other Internet-based hiring mediums.

The work-saving abilities of modern IT systems and enhanced HR reporting software should provide the means for the responsive HR department to easily respond, notify and acknowledge an applicant's state in near real-time. If your system doesn't provide this capability, it's not worth its salt. But as importantly, if your HR staff doesn't utilize such a capability, it should be replaced. An old adage is that it takes ten "attaboys" to make up for one "oops." Don't let your company's reputation suffer for want of a little courtesy.



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