Legacy Systems And BI

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Why can’t I use an open market or free BI source to access my legacy information bases?

Legacy Systems And BI

Imagine how beneficial it would be if a long-established business could call ‘Scottie' and get beamed to a new dimension. No legacy systems or resistance to adding new technology to worry about. Well, maybe that can happen sometime, but for the present, we will just have to do it the old-fashioned way – use our heads.

Many are the decision-makers that when considering new investment, look to what they already have and ask:“Why don't we just use that Oracle product? It's free and has hooks to all our systems!” The answer is relatively straightforward. Analyze the roots of your business; gain an in-depth understanding of what drives your business. You will most likely find that in order to achieve a true level of performance management and accrue the benefits (profit and growth) it offers, you will see that enterprise data is too varied in form and function and too spread out in location to cobble together an easy solution.



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