A Military Equivalent To A BI Competency Center

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Is there a military analog to a BI competency center?

A Military Equivalent To A BI Competency Center

A competency center in BI parlance is not as much a place as an environment where. The important thing to learn from the concept of a competency center is that such an environment is intended to provide standardization and consistency to a complex deployment of resources and assets.

In a military sense, such a concept would have great value in the command, control, and deployment of armed forces. The British military has embraced such an approach for their supply chain management in The Supply Chain Operations Center ( SCOC ). This concept is a tri-service (Army, Air Force, and Navy) organization that co-ordinates supply chains for the British Armed Forces. In fairness to the US military, many centers of excellence across the military functional areas exist and help us to achieve a state of military performance management.



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