Planning and Forecasting for a Clinical Trial

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how can i use clinical trial management software?

Planning and Forecasting for a Clinical Trial Tip: If you are a project manager, you must first go through a planning process, whether ad hoc or formal, that lays the groundwork for the launching of the development or functional process.

First, observe the situation, in the case of a clinical trial management software application, by determining the mission – trial objectives, testing options, and required measures of effectiveness; Establishes the effort – establish protocols, test techniques, instrumentation needs, map the process, schedules, etc; Decides on a course of action – determining the correct path from the choices identified in the previous steps, document it, brief it, and attain authority, etc.; Commences work - through setting the project team in motion and proceeding down the plan's path. You should review and refine the plan as the learning curve is established, results are achieved, and outside influences, as they always do, drive needed change.

In simple and straightforward projects of relatively small magnitude, this planning exercise can be performed rather simply, using very traditional tools. For example, use the tried and true spreadsheets, database applications and project management programs. This is a great way to start, and as the magnitude of your company's projects grows, so to can your use of technology options that abound in the marketplace. However, because of the diversity, breadth, and volume of data/information available (and evermore required) to operate in the 21st century, the sophisticated, automated business intelligence tools offered by vendors, such as Cognos, may be the right choice earlier, rather than later, in the cycle.



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