Performance Keys Of Sales Reporting

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Is sales reporting a BI technology?

Performance Keys Of Sales Reporting Tip: The subset of business intelligence tools that address data access, manipulation, and reporting on the functional business unit level are generically known as performance systems. According to, these are sometimes referred to as transparency and/or regulatory compliance system and they are all forged from the same BI materials:

·Aggregated data from multiple sources

·Single, consistent version of data reality

·Data feeding consolidated financials and planning metrics fed from both

·Reporting that stands on top of the data and is user friendly

·Collectively, performance systems mean key metrics, plans, and reports that enable focus, understanding, and effective decisions

In terms of the sales reporting, this BI concept promotes a dynamic form of sales activity reports using the freshest data possible. Component segments of the sales functional area are also served by consistent reports that include temporal, tracking, retail, and pipeline varieties. If you obtain sales reporting of this quality your business becomes open to management, decision makers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, as accessibility and timeliness of operational and financial data increase, the ability to look forward with state-of-the-art techniques, like rolling forecasts emerges.



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