Leads To Popular HR Management (HRM) Software Solutions

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Do you have any quick leads to HRM software solutions?

Leads To Popular HR Management (HRM) Software Solutions

There are a number of vendors of capable HRM software systems. Some are enterprise level, some BI/IT system level, while others perform a subset of functions, and still others fall into the category of "open source" solutions. This LifeTip provides some vendor names with which to start a search to find the vendor that will provide the needed capability for your business, large or small. (Note: This listing is far from complete and the reader should assume responsibility for, performing his/her own research.)

Enterprise Solutions: SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson, Infor.

BI/IT: Cognos, Microsoft, Hyperion, SAP.

Subset Functions: Applic8, VSO, Microsoft.

Open Source: OrangeHRM, Outlooksoft, Microsoft.



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