Overcoming Resistance To BI From Financial Executives

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I’m sensing resistance to BI in the finance area, how can I overcome this?

Overcoming Resistance To BI From Financial Executives

Finance professionals, especially at the level of CFO, were the driving force and main beneficiaries of the development of information technology (IT). This marriage started in the post-WWII era and accompanied the advent of the mainframe computer. Today, these traditional systems have given way to more powerful and sophisticated IT tools, and BI is one of the foremost. But do these financial professionals embrace these changes? The answer is mixed but one key tip to consider in your organization to “grease the skids” in your BI deployment is to marry that CFO and/or principal deputy with a business intelligence power-user. This would be the equivalent to a chief-of-staff. In other words, a facilitator who makes the transition work better and helps the executive embrace change.



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