Military Supply Chain Overview

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What are the salient features of the military supply chain?

Military Supply Chain Overview

Supply chain management for the military is a multi-dimensional discipline involving the production, procurement, and logistics of war fighting goods and services. The broad scope of military operations adds to the complexity of the information retrieval, manipulation, and reporting problem encountered by the government and its industry partners. The bureaucratic nature of the government's role in military supply chain functions has led to a number of major advances in business intelligence and information technology advances enjoyed throughout the business world. Check this quick overview of the main components of a typical military supply process.

Supply chain is the generic term for the procurement, distribution, maintenance and salvage of war fighting goods and services. Supply chain, in the military sense, refers to the linked functions of providing supplies from scratch through finished material. These functional areas have elements of:

Control, the manipulation of the item within the supply system and includes requisitioning, receipt, storage, movement, and accounting.

Locality, where items and services are located and issued. There is considerable variability in that movement of forces make locality temporary.



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