Forging the Foundation for Performance Management

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Forging the Foundation for Performance Management Tip: Of the major BI vendor offerings that address this area, Cognos 8 Business Intelligence attends to corporate performance management with coordinated information. The systems help to determine budgets, plan targets and manage both effectively. This aided by:

·Scorecards have selectable targets to measure progress against corporate goals. Previously, companies manually created scorecards from various data sources, but lacked the ability to dig deeper on a metric without recreating and recalculating reports.

·Draw targets defined into your scorecards. With this tool, targets are set that guide future performance; and with scorecarding, you measure relevant progress towards your goals.

·Reporting and analysis from plans and budgeting software using multidimensional data sources in addition to published plans.

·Event management applied to the planning and budgeting process permits coordination of a variety of contributor's input and development of the plan.

With these performance management technologies driving the business, understanding the classic BI and decision-making questions - what is happening; why; what should happen – becomes easier.



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