Automated Telephony Tools For Retail Management Software

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Are advanced telephony techniques part of retail management software?

Automated Telephony Tools For Retail Management Software Tip: The auto dialer was a revolutionary retail support tool introduced, to some people's dismay, in the 1980's. The predictive dialer has now, apparently replaced it for many larger enterprises. The auto dialer robotically dials telephone numbers for waiting retail agents. The predictive dialer, on the other hand, is a form of retail management software and employs analytical techniques to predict the availability of sales agents and the anticipated target consumer.

Most powerfully to the bi user, the predictive dialer monitors the calls and detects how the calls are answered. This frees sales personnel to only deal with live calls. In doing so, it ignores unanswered calls, busy signals, and automated devices or answering machines. This provides another source of data for the integrated bi system to exploit and for managers and executives to intelligently query.

As a result, a predictive dialer may significantly increase effective time for a sales agent to impact sales performance, and optimally, the bottom line. Thus, another BI techniques can help lead the using organization on the path to performance management.



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