Reporting And Analysis Software And Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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How does BI interact with CRM software?

Reporting And Analysis Software And Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tip: In an article in the Web-based journal CRM2Day, Britton Manasco discussed a perspective on the customer intelligence community that demonstrates how intelligent analysis is setting trends for future economic activity. She notes that Customer Intelligence (CI) is defined as the technology of collecting, manipulating and exploiting information contained in a customer information database. This can include insights on a customer's needs, decision-making, behavior, state of the marketplace, and trend directions. In order to effectively handle this most valuable relationship with the customer, the right information about clients is required and organized such that the information can receive proper analysis and action.

Use reporting and analysis software, like speech analytics, for this very technology-intensive business function. Some techniques, predictive dialers for example, analyze phone calls between supply chain components and then provide insights to the dashboards of senior executives and managers. CI is the macro-area of BI that includes tools like speech analytics and enables managers and executives to:

  • Define and measure the customer experience
  • Understand the experience of their customers
  • Identify the reasons why customers call
  • Maximize loyalty and retention
  • Gain market and competitive intelligence
  • Increase sales effectiveness


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