Competing Priorities: How Performance Management Reporting Can Help.

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I’m being pulled in different directions by all of my managers; can BI

Competing Priorities: How Performance Management Reporting Can Help. Tip: A recurring dilemma in 21st century business involves finding ways to strike a balance among an organization's many competing priorities. Each corporate activity or function, e.g. marketing, operations, accounting, information, development, etc. presents myriad resource-intensive alternatives to meet challenges and exploit opportunities. Successful navigation of these waters is what separates high performing companies from the mundane.

Performance management (including performance management reporting) encompasses systems, methodologies, metrics, processes includes performance management software technologies to identify ways to improve overall business performance. Accordingly, achieving enhanced performance across the breadth of corporate functions becomes very complex. This sets the stage for incorporation of BI tools and technologies, especially reporting software, throughout the enterprise to aid in the balancing process.

Many business intelligence vendors offer enterprise solutions for reporting. When searching for technological help, information on executive and business dashboards and OLAP reporting may open the door.



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