How Scorecards And Other BI Tools Work Together

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Is scorecarding applicable to other BI application?

How Scorecards And Other BI Tools Work Together Tip: Balanced scorecard software techniques provide a host of management, decision-making, reporting and analytical methodologies to the performance management-oriented enterprise. What are the critical characteristics that make such a business performance management system work seamlessly? According to, try these suggestions:

·Combine all BI capabilities into a single, adaptive tool: Attain an adaptive report-authoring model for the universe of enterprise reports, dashboards, scorecards, and other BI capabilities. A capability like this may be best founded upon a combination of either OLAP or relational data sources.

·Use one product to create dashboards and reports: Visually effective dashboards, with appropriate gauges, charts, maps, and other graphical elements, can be produced from the same reporting interface used for production and business reports if the right BI software is carefully selected. When combined with built-in, fully automated drill-through capabilities, scheduling, and distribution options, the system gains the power needed for performance applications.

·Cooperative report development: Various users can collaborate when producing a report. For example, a business user can produce an ad hoc report for others or collaborate with a professional author. When finished, the report returns to the business manager where it is shared with intended recipients, securely.

·‘Enlightened' analysis from scorecard, dashboard, or report: With the proper balanced scorecard solution, information can be interactively manipulated utilizing a single product, with content automatically maintained as you navigate. As a result, business users are empowered to freely follow questions about how the company is progressing against its strategy.



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